What Users Say

This is what our users are saying about us:

From a Manager

As a manager working with several drivers, I use the app to help me keep track of driver location, and more importantly, I can track the driver’s trips and movements at the end of each shift. I’ve been able to use the records to solve a dispute with a customer, who claimed a driver had taken the long way ’round to beef up the fare. LRN showed that this was not true!

A Dispatcher Says:

the LRN app is very useful for me when I’m dispatching – I can check on the location and status of a driver before I dispatch a trip, and I can monitor the progress of the trip I assign.

Driver comments:

I like the LRN app because it’s convenient to use, it’s portable (I can transfer from one car to another with the metre – it comes with me on my phone) and it helps me keep track of my trips. I really appreciate the security feature, too.

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