Web Business


Dashboard Screen

Business gateway to features and reports

Click on the graphic to enter the Oye.One business management and data server.

From here you can check on users in your team, maintain the cars database, look at tripsheets, check out the driver’s tracks, manage drivers and much more.


List of the system users on your team

When you sign up as a manager you can see details on your team, if you are an independent driver you can adjust your information here.

Sub areas include driver profile and settings.

User Profile

Driver information.

Here you can check out the driver data and check on accuracy.

Car List

List of cars in database

Our database contains descriptions of all the cars in the system that can be attached to drivers.  Critical time events for service and maintenance is maintained in this database.

Edit Cars

Edit car information

Here a user or manager can edit the information for the cars including important dates like insurance and licensing expiry dates and service and inspection requirements.


Detailed data for every ride done with your team.

This screen gives managers the ability to monitor and download the detail of every ride done within a selected time period.  Click on the ride number and drill down for more detail.

Trip Detail

Click the trip number and drill down to details on a specific trip including a map with way-points.  Detail are downloadable.


Trip Sheets are required by government officials in most jurisdictions.  This provides all the necessary details and can be downloaded in various formats as you require.


Location tracks the driver/car while on duty and the waypoints are displayed on a map that can be zoomed to get details in specific areas or out to see how far the car traveled.

Web business collects data from all drivers and passengers.  Reports useful for your business are produced from that data.  This is a paid service and you may subscribe to the service.

We are currently under development looking at the best, most useful reports for various user types; while we are under development you may use this site for free.  We would appreciate any feedback or questions, and especially suggestions as to what reports you would like to see.

To use the site you need to sign up on the app as a driver, then on the sign in screen enter the telephone number and password that you used to sign in as a driver.