Taxi Drivers

No more having to stop between trips to make  notes and fill in your trip sheet… Keep driving, keep making money – keep the wheels turning.

New safety feature:

If you run into trouble, hold your finger on the map screen and your location will be texted to your emergency contact number.

The Oye.One Multi-function app is a complete taxi business kit on the smart phone.

Taxi Metre

The Oye.One app is an easy to use Taxi Metre that keeps track of all your trips, your sales, the money, locations.  All you have to do is to drive and collect the money.


The Oye.One app will keep track of your current location and the location of your pick-ups and your drop-offs.  All of the location requirements required by regulators and for your own records.  Your locations are kept in a cloud storage facility where it is safe.


Each transaction is recorded for your record keeping.  The date, time, pickup coordinates, drop-off coordinates, driving time, waiting time, the amount on the metre as well as the amount that the driver actually collected.

Trip Sheets

Electronic Trip Sheets are available online.  Use your phone’s browser, or pull it up at home or on your laptop.  No more having to stop making money between trips to record the trip… it is available on line immediately.

The App is FREE

Download the app below and share it with you friends, your customers, your fellow cabbies.