If Uber or Lyft or anyone else operates in you area, that means that you can as well, and you don’t have to pay them –  keep all the money your earn.  Our app is free for you to use.

How to make the most money as a ‘rideshare’ driver

1. Download the LRN app

Click on the “Get Beta” button above, fill in the form, and download the latest Beta version to your phone.

If you are doing this on a computer, simply save the .APK file and then email it to your phone, and as many others as you can think of… the more people who have this app the better it is for you.

The production version will be available on Google Play Store soon, as will the iOS version.

If you have trouble installing, you may need to go to Settings => Security => and ‘allow unknown sources’.

2. Open the app and register as a business

If you are driving passengers as a business, then you are a business, so we let you register here as such.

The phone number you use to register the business must be unique and cannot be used later to register as a driver.  If you have only one phone number, then use any 10 digit number as a ‘user name’.

3. Wait for a confirmation email

For security reasons your business must be approved by Oye.One before you can proceed further.  You will receive an email withing 24 hours, but usually much faster than that.

This is not an automated process – a real human will look at your registration.

Take this time to make sure you have proper insurance to carry paying passengers, a business license if needed in your area and have your car checked for any safety defects by a certified mechanic.

4. Click on the "Management" button above and sign in

Sign in with your company number and password.

Check “My Profile” to see if the information is correct

Go to “Cars”, click on “new car” and enter the information.

You must enter: Car number, License, VIN, Type, make, model, flag, distance, time..

Owner’s name MUST be exactly what you entered earlier

Car image is necessary.

Add more cars as you need to

5. Open app and sign up as a 'driver'

When you sign up as a driver make sure you use the exact company name you used when signing up as a company.

You will be asked to select a car to drive; you will only have access to cars registered in your company name.

Initially you can get ‘flags’ and use the app as a ‘taxi metre’.  After you promote the service people will be able to call you via the app!

6. Get business

Send the app to everyone you know.

Advertise in your local area

You could even work for Uber and Lyft and move those customers over to the Local Ride Network.  Do the trip, but take the customer’s email and send them a copy of Local Ride Network for next time they need a ride.

Since you don’t have to pay anyone for rides you get on the Local Ride Network, you can charge lower prices and make more money.

7. Expand and make more money

Get other drivers on the Local Ride Network working under your company name.  You can even charge them a small fee for helping them get established.