Mission Statement

To bring together a global community of drivers, passengers and stakeholders in a free open network, with everyone participating equally in the resources necessary to level the playing field.

Global Community

The system is available to anyone or any business world-wide to use in a passenger directed vehicle or for personal use.


Stakeholders are people and business that own taxi licenses or other related businesses that are affected by changes in the way and methods used by passengers in PDVs.

By increasing the size of the market, the Local Ride Network will help to protect all stakeholders and allow them time to adapt to a changing paradigm.

Participating Equally

Are all drivers created equal?  Should a taxi driver have more right to business than a private PDV?  Perhaps those questions are best answered locally, but your Local Ride Network is available to everyone equally.  This makes everyone stronger.

Level the Playing Field

Your Local Ride Network is available to all PDV drivers therefore all drivers on the Network are visible to everyone who needs a ride.  This builds consumer confidence and expands the market available for all drivers.


The Local Ride Network is available to all drivers regardless of where they live or what type of vehicle they use.  In a single city this may include taxi drivers, private for-hire cars, Ride-share, private family, buses or… they are all welcome to use and participate in the Network.


As a global system, you as a passenger simply register once and no matter where you go, you have access to the network of taxis, private vehicles, ride share or any other passenger carrying vehicle that is in the area on the Network.

Free Open Network

The Local Ride Network app is available for download and installation free to everyone and is hosted on our server in Canada.  There is no charge for the app itself but the app does contain advertising to help keep the system running.  The source code is not public domain, share-ware or open source.

Certain premium business services are hosted on our server as well.