Sign up on your phone

  1. Touch on “Available To Drive
  2. Touch on “Register
  3. Enter “First Name” or whatever name you would like customers to see.  Keep it short
  4. Enter Phone Number.  Use your normal phone number or an employee number.  Customers will see this number.
  5. Enter an emergency contact number.  If you long press on the map screen an emergency text will be sent to that number requesting assistance and giving your location.
  6. Enter a password. You will need this “Phone number” and “password” to sign in later so write it down.
  7. Enter the password for a second time to make sure it is the same.
  8. Enter your email address.  This will be required for e-tripsheets so it must be a valid email address.
  9. Enter your PayPal email address so that you can receive PayPal payments.
  10. Flag Rate.  This is the rate that you charge when a passenger is first picked up.
  11. Distance Rate.  This is the rate you charge per distance… Kilometre or Mile.
  12. Time Rate per hour.  This is what you charge for waiting for a passenger, or waiting for traffic etc.  When the metre is on and running, if it is not charging a distance charge it is charging a time charge.
  13. Take a picture of your Driver’s license.
  14. Take a ‘selfie’ of yourself, your nose should be in the centre of the picture, no background, and have only your face.  Similar to a passport picture or the one on your driver license.
  15. From there you can press “Register”.  The License Image will allow passengers to see what class license you have and to see the picture of you on the license.  Showing that will give customers more confidence and they are more likely to call you for a ride.  Keep in mind that this picture is available to anyone who has the Local Ride app.
  16. You will be asked for a car that you will be using.
  17. Follow instructions on the screen and you are ready to roll!