Oye.One Local Ride Network has everything for riders and passengers.

Call for a Ride:

Simply click on Local Ride, “I NEED A RIDE” and you are presented with a map of your area and a list of cars ready and waiting to pick you up and take you where you need to go.

Long touch on your destination or enter the address, then select a driver.  The cars are on the map so you can see which one is closest, or tap on one for more information.

You can see:

  • The driver’s name, rating and picture so you can choose the driver you are familiar with;
  • a picture of the car and its rating as well as the make and model;
  • how many minutes it will take for the car to get to your location;
  • the estimated fare from where you are to your destination;
  • a street by street suggested route to your destination;
  • and the approximate time you will arrive at your destination.

Touch on “Request Ride” and your driver will be notified.

If your ride is accepted, the car colour will change and you can watch the progress of the car as it approaches you.  When it is getting close, you will be notified so that you can be ready to be picked up.


As a driver, sign in and you are available to get more rides.  Passengers can see you on their map, and can call you through the app

Trip Sheets

No more having to write down all the details on all your trips at the end of each trip… it is all done electronically for you.  Instantly check your trip sheet at any time, updated as soon as you complete the trip.