Local Ride Network software is a fully featured suite of software functions that help drivers to make more money and passengers to more easily and safely get to their destination.

How do I get customers?

  1. There is a ‘share’ button on the top right corner of your screen.  Touch it and enter the email address of a prospective rider.
  2. Put a QR code graphic in your car so customers can scan the link and get a copy of Local Ride Network.
  3. Tell all your friends and everyone on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media you use.
  4. Make sure that all your customers get the download link, or know how to get it from Google Play Store.
  5. Advertise: post ads anywhere that you think people may need rides, hand out flyers to local merchants.

Uber is already opperating here, why use Local Ride Network?

  1. So you do not have to pay 20% of what you earn to a company just for using their software.
  2. So that you do not have to follow their rules.
  3. You start with the network customers, then quickly build to many more than they have.
  4. You make more money, so you can charge less than Uber, and get more customers.
  5. You can drive for Uber or others and still be on the Local Ride Network.

My taxi company has an app to get customers...

Use Local Ride Network in conjunction with your company’s app and bring in more business.  You will be drawing from a larger pool of riders and the customers will be able to make better decisions because they get to choose from all the taxis, and if they had used another company before, you just might get the next trip.

Make certain that you share the app with all your customers; the more people who have the app the better it is for all of you.  Put a QR code in your car to make it easy.

My taxi company already has a dispatch system

Local Ride Network is designed to be used in conjunction with pre-existing dispatch systems.  Just use the network along with the existing system and encourage your passengers to get on the network.

I work for Uber, Lyft, etc...

That means you are paying some large corporation a lot of money to use their software.

Join the Local Ride Network and every time you get a ride, ask your passenger to join the network.  Soon your passengers will be calling you on the network and you will be able to keep all your money!

How to start my own rideshare business?

  1. Get a business license or whatever permission you need from local authorities to operate.
  2. Have your car inspected by a licensed commercial vehicle inspection station to make certain it is safe to operate.
  3. Get insurance that is good for carrying paying passengers.  Your local Aviva agent may help there.
  4. Install Local Ride Network.
  5. Tell everyone you know to install Local Ride Network.
  6. Advertise in your community that you are available through the Network.

What should I charge?

If you are driving a taxi and the charges are government regulated, then you must set your charges as required by the governing body.

If you are an independent private-car-for-hire, then you can charge whatever you feel is fair and reasonable.  Too low and you will not be able to pay for your fuel, to high, and you will not be able to get any business.

If you are “mom’s taxi” then charge the kids whatever you want!  😉

How much do I get paid?

You get to keep 100% of the fare you collect!  You run your car as your own business and pay for your car, fuel, insurance, license etc, and keep all the rest.  Oye.One does not charge a fee

What do you charge?

As part of the Local Ride Network, you use the app for free – we do NOT charge a percentage of your fare income.  If you want access to the database and e-tripsheets and other reports there will be a small monthly charge for that.  Once in a while an ad will pop up on your screen, if you click on the ad we get paid.

Is it Legal?

Every area is different and it depends on what you are using the app for.  If you are a licensed taxi driver/operator then there is not normally an issue.  If you are using it as a private for-hire car then you at least need a business license.  Check with your local authorities and business advisor.  It is your responsibility to keep within the law in your area.

How do I get calls if I am on the 'phone?

When you answer your phone, or make a call, you will not hear an audio message that someone needs a ride.

When on a ‘phone call, switch back to Local Ride Network, and pay attention to the screen… you will see ride requests as they come in.

In many cases your car icon on the customer’s ‘phone may turn red to indicate you are busy when you are on a ‘phone call.

What is a QR code and how do I get one?

A QR code, or Quick Response is a bar code similar to that on just about everything for sale, except a QR code is square and can contain a lot of information.

The where… there are several sites that you can go onto and you type in the information you want the QR code to contain, and they will automatically produce the code that you can download as a graphic.  Do a search on “QR code graphic”

http://www.qrstuff.com/ is one place where you can download a custom QR Code

Why does the app tell me when I don't have an internet connection?

While you are logged on, Local Ride Network monitors your position and sends it to our server.  If you are a driver, that position and your status is sent to all potential passengers in your area. If you are not connected, the potential passenger cannot see you, or will see you as busy, therefore you will not get the job.  Sending driver position to the Passenger enables the alert when the driver is close to the passenger.  Passenger position is sent to the driver so the driver can find the passenger and to alert the driver when close to the passenger.

When the metre is on, both driver and passenger can see the charge; this is only possible if there is a good data/Internet connection.  At the end of the trip the driver is advised about payments and both passenger and driver can give ratings.

The Internet test is done every ten seconds, the note will disappear within ten seconds of regaining a connection.