Local Ride


Oye.One’s Local Ride Network is a comprehensive software system that will automate any PDV business.  An ‘app’ that works as an automated dispatch system, a fare metre, a rating system, emergency signaling system for the driver… a web interface that uses all the data collected to give management all the tools needed to run the business and much more.

…Passengers: Safer, lower cost, more convenient rides.

…Drivers: Safer rides with higher profit potential.

…Owners: Better tools to manage your business.



As a licensed Taxi owner/operator the Oye.One Local Ride System will help to automate the paperwork that takes your time away from making money and will give you the time to do more trips and make more money.  The customer interface will bring you more rides with an easier way to find your passengers.

Ride Share Driver

Why pay some big company a big part of what you work hard to earn, when you can use Oye.One’s Local Ride Network to find customers, keep track of your trips and automate the paperwork.

Neighbourhood Driver

You take your neighbour to the airport, you ferry the kids around, you help taking friends to doctor appointments and to the hairdresser… a nice person in the neighbourhood to help out.  Oye.One’s Local Ride Network is for you.  You may not be in the taxi business, but this helps keep track of your expenses and gives your friends an idea of what your volunteering is worth.

The App is FREE and PRICELESS!

Sometimes ‘free’ is not worth what you paid for it; in this case it is a finely crafted software package that has been designed by people with years of experience in the business and built by professional software engineers.  The app is ad supported so that everyone has a chance to use this impressive system for free.  We get paid when you click on interesting ads.


As a customer looking for a ride, the screen shows your location and all of the cars in your area that are available to give you a ride.  The red ones are busy with other customers, the green ones are just waiting for you to call them.

Touch on a green car and you get the driver and the car’s ratings from previous passengers – know who you ride with; and you can see the charge rate, picture of the car and of the driver.


Your customers can call you directly on the app and you can see their picture and their phone number… and their history so you know who you are picking up.  Keeps you safe, keeps the customer safe.

The metre is built in… set the rates and you are in business.

e-tripsheets available on subscription.